Motor not moving freely

Can someone please help me I changed the bearings in the motor and cleaned it idk what’s going on

please help

Link doesn’t work my dude

Ok I’ll fix that then

Y is that?

can someone please help me now

I think you’re going to have to open it up again and fiddle around. Motor bearings can be tricky.

Take out both bearings and make sure they spin fine by hand. If they do, put them back in and maybe that will fix it.

Alternatively something in the motor can might be catching on the stator. All the windings look good and the magnets in the motor can are not scratched? these 2 things are the main problems motors have. It was spinning fine before you replaced the bearing?

Share your motor calibration settings from whatever tool you are using. Motor may be shorted

it didnt spend fine before I replaced the bearings and when both arent plugged in the one that spins fine in the video continues to spin freely while the other doesn’t

I think that motor is toast. Loose magnets are common on those.

dang so I guess i just need to buy a new one

Im going to go with loose magnets same as @Bjork3n i didnt watch the video but I think we have the same problem

I just needs help​:sob::sob:

Looks and sound like loose magnets, I think you should take the can of, and just battle Harden (I use 680 Loctite, and solved it)…Even if they look in place, they might be loose, also take a look at the retaining ring…Best of luck!

Maybe 3d print a spacer that can hold your magnets in place clean the can and epoxy the magnets back in

Ok I’ll try that

@Harpsaco - I believe your order was in 2018. But we have retainer rings, magnets if you happen to need some just send us an email.

Ok thank you