Motor performance comparison database. With vesc tool measurement. Resistance / Amps / Ohms / watts

I figured since the new VESC tool gives estimated max amperage values during motor detection, it would be nice to have a database where people could compare various motors.

So let me start:

ESC: 2 x Focboxes

Motors: eskating (Maytech) 6355 190kv

Estimated amps: 43A (Factory rating 65A)


ESC: 2 x Focboxes

Motors: eskating (Maytech) 6374 190kv

Estimated amps: 65A (Factory rating 65A)



Although it seems there is no interest here is another motor

Esc: 2 x VESC 6

Motors: Hobbyking SK8 149kv

Estimated amps: 55A (Factory rating 80A)



Maybe it makes sense to add the factory rating of the motor. To have a comparison what they are rated for from the seller and what the vesc measurements gave as result?


Interesting thread, as @Andy87 mentioned manufacture rating would be good for comparison. AFAIK sealed Maytech are rated for 65A max like the values after motor detection. But SK8 55A only? :thinking:

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I would be interested in the sk8 192kV as they rated to 100A what still seems a bit lot for me.

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This is exactly why I started this thread.

We read manufacturer’s datasheets and sometimes they do not correlate with what we experience . At least in my case the Maytech motors feel way stronger compared to the SK8 motors in every regard. Even in steep hills although they are lower kv. That is with everything else being equal.

As you said the Maytech motors are rated at 65A by the factory whereas the SK8 at 80A :roll_eyes:

I edited the previous posts and added the factory rating.


There is a threat about that on VESC Project website :

I’ve got OVERION (Maytech) MTO6374-HA-C 130KV : Estimated amps : 43-44A (Factory rating 65A)

Despite what says VESC-Tool 2019, il works really better with Battery max/Motor max 65A than with 45A.

I’ve just bought the Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor, because I hoped to get 100A from it. I chose latest ACKMANIAC firmware but I’ll try VESC-Tool 2019 on this one. Very interesting thread!!


It’s what you get with limited data :


I don’t know if VESC-Tool 2019 advised motor current depends on motor resistance only.

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No interest unless this process is automated, feature request for VESC Tool?

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@taz Very cool thread. I somehow missed this one. I didn’t know the new VESC tool had this feature. Looks like a good way to take some of the mystery out of all of these different motors. I’ll do some searching, but do you know off hand if the new VESC tool is compatible with older 4.12 VESCs, FOCBOX’S, Flipsky 6.6’s? I’ve been wanting to take the pile of motors that I have and do some actual KV testing on them but this would be one better than that.


Yes it is. On my Evo I have focboxes and it works perfectly fine (after you upgrade the firmware ofcourse).

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I forgot to add that I have a metr pro bluetooth module in that one.

I don’t know if it will work with a hm10 module.

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Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P)

Specs: KV: 192 Max current: 100A Max Power: 4400W Idle current: 1.8A Resistance: 24MΩ Shaft: 8mm Weight: 940g


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It seems it does. If you do the calculations it appears that the tool sets 60W thermal losses as the limit and calculates the max current using Ohm’s law.

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Flipsky 6374. Screenshot_20190326-030426


@hyperIon1 @PatRocks or anybody else who already received the 6880 190kV motors from maytech, would be nice to see what the new vesc tool says about those motors and if it is close to the specs maytech gives.

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I think @PatRocks can when he is back from holiday. I won’t have any until the end of next week to test.


Soon… ill look into it further and report asap


eLofty 75KV direct drive motors


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