Motor phase wires length

Hey guys. Wanted to find out what is the maximum length the motor phase wires can be between a VESC and the motors. Trying to go 4 ft. if that’s possible. Does wire size and/or type matter? Appreciate any thoughts.

Wtf are you building that you need 4 feet? :grinning:

I’ve heard of people having issues, but others say it doesn’t matter. I have always tries to stay within 10in or less. I think @GrecoMan uses ling Ines once, maybe he can she’s some light.

are you drunk right now? :rofl:

but yea, i run phase wires about 30” long. never had an issue


Just in a hurry :grinning:

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Thanks @mmaner! I’m still working on my skates. I want to make a waist belt battery pack with vesc at that location too. I’ve read one shouldn’t lengthen the battery leads too long unless you add capacitors along the ways. Even then it said that’s not a good idea.

@GrecoMan Heck no! It’s only 9:00 am. I’m gonna at least wait till noon! lol Appreciate it. 30" does sound good. maybe I can get by with 36 or so. I’m 5’ 11", so kinda looking at 4 ft.

Make sure that the wires are appropriate gauge and all same lenght, there is some tolerance but dont make one 1 meter and 2nd 2 meters and 3rd 20cm because then there could be some problems


the drunk comment was directed towards @mmaner :rofl:

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Oh, sorry. Thought my idea sounded like that. lol

@Acido The same length from lower back, (low as possible), to the wheels.


I’ve heard long phase wires are ok, but they need to be bundled tightly together. Better to twist them iirc.

No way to put the controllers off you? they get quite warm, also you should be able to compensate the long battery wire with extra capacitors.

I don’t know about this belt


Keep in mind that: Smaller gauge wire = more resistance Longer wire = more resistance.

If you go long go big as well. Like 10ga. silicone. Maybe even 8ga.

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So generally it’s not the best idea to run long wires. I was talking to Hummie and a few other people in regards to wire gauges. So the big issue with long wires is you cause a voltage drop at the end of the wire due to resistance within the wire itself. Generally most esk8 applications would run fine with wires as small as 15awg assuming the wires are a total of about 1 foot in length.

For motor phase wires, running 15 AWG vs 10AWG or something wouldn’t make any difference when they’re only 6in long or so. You’re talking about running something maybe 4 feet long or so I would recommend 10 AWG and insure all the wires are as close to the same in length as possible. Go for pure copper, silicone insulation with a high strand count. This will be the least resistance, highest flexibility, and durability. I would also highly recommend sleeving these cables in some sort of PET sleeve, or heat sleeve like this. Lastly, as a rule of thumb, higher voltages can travel in a smaller wire than lower voltages (this is mainly due to the average amp draw being lower). In other words, make your battery 10s or 12s and you won’t run into issues. Good luck!

Here’s a handy dandy calculator that should work pretty well for your needs.

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i’d be conservative on your brake setting on your vesc.

He can be a she. Indeed.

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Thanks guys, a lot of good info for building extended motor phase wires. I made a measurement and looks like 3 ft. will work and a good starting place.

Thanks @ThermalM16 for the calculator.

@Cobber, I use current control setting so I can have a reverse. I need the motors to go both directions.

all i can really say is, wow. @banjaxxed painted the picture. this application is above my pay grade, but curious as to what/if any safety features are in a bat/vesc belt, i.e. thermistor, Kevlar, self extinguisher?

very interesting indeed. please post it when complete

Well, a protective containment for the batteries is, at the very least, required. Not sure of what other forms of safety devices are available. Need to do some research. I’m reading about the backpack type battery pack for ideas. I surely would appreciate any thoughts and/or experiences you battery builder guys out there have. Maybe this is a project that is not feasible.