Motor Pulley slip?

Hey guys,

I’m looking at pulleys for the motor. I realize the Turnigy 6354 260kv motor doesn’t have any notches for the screws of the pulley. What do you guys usually do?

For example:

If I simply tighten the screws very tight, assuming with locktight, should keep it from slipping?

Thanks :smiley:

Normally we would file a flat spot on the motor shaft and secure the set screws with loctite. They should hold then.

You should just carefully grind a small Flat Spot in the motor shaft where the set screw will go.

Then when ready to install Pulley add some Loctite on shaft & Set screw,…slide on Pulley and tighten set screw.

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yea you’ll want a flat spot or two.

cover the motor first. I put it in a plastic bag and tape it up. then file or grind with a dremel alum oxide tip works great! or a cutting wheel if you’re careful.


Good tip about bag !

Oooo the bag is def a great idea!

thanks i’m pretty sure someone else here gave me the idea! lol but yea a ziplock, and cut the corner off very small! so the shaft can just fit. :wink: then tape like crazy!

don’t want steel jamming up bearings or shorting out coils!

just put 502 glue will be OK, just the pulley will very difficult to take out anymore

I tried just tightening the screws really tight or even using glue, the pulley still slipped. I’d recommend filing a flat spot like others have said, it has yet to fail me after 9 months.

you don´t have to file a spot. Glue the pulley with loctite 648 on the shaft - only removable with lot´s of heat

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tightening the nut will make the collet grab the axle. Works like a charm!


@GIP_longboard where did you find that motor pulley? That is exactly what I’m looking for. I haven’t seen anyone else make use of the collect.

It was made using a lathe and a drill press. No CNC involved, just drilled the holes using a 3mm bit and then turned down on the lathe. Although i probably could have bought the pinion gear and just made a conical hole in it.

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thats the best innovation I have seen in esk8 all year.