Motor pulley stuck

my motor pulley is stuck on my motor shaft and i cant get it off, i used red locktite

Heat the pulley with a torch, normally you can smell when the loctide is melt. Then remove with gloves :wink:

wont warp the pulley or damage the motor?

I got best results with it. Pulleys maybe change colour a bit but normaly motor should not get hot at all. Its going fast

From the front near shaft or just work the heat around the pulley? edit about how long with the torch?

Move heat around the pulley… maybe 30seconds

Shoot there’s still screw in there

Maybe a gear puller would help

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Thanks! A ton I’ll see if Home Depot has one

Place the motor on a workbench. Have a surface on the bottom of each side of the gear, and hit the shaft with a hammer and a blunt tool. The force of your hammering will hit the shaft, and that will move the motor down. And the surface the gear is on will make sure the gear stays in the same place while the shaft is receiving the force being pressed down. This will hopefully push the shaft out of the gear. Be careful that the motor doesn’t fall on the ground though when doing this!

Any possible photos of what this may look like?


You can find em’ at auto parts stores too. I think you can get one on loan, so that you don’t have to buy it and only use it like once. :slight_smile:

I have a cheap heat gun I bought at frys. It is enough heat to loosen red loctite.

No torch needed.

Also helps to remove all screws haha!

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I use my soldering icon for that. Works even with the strongest loctite. If you don’t have a keyway on your motor shaft then it helps to spin the pulley off after you heated it up instead of pulling it.

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Not off yet? Take it to autozone. Rent or borrow a puller from them. Pop it off on their counter.

even with screws still in the pulley?

Are the screws stripped? If so, you can find a corresponding torx bit (star shape) find one slighly larger and tap it into the hex. Heat gun, then remove. or drill out the set screw remove the pulley, drill and tap new threads into it.

Or! Send it all to me and I’ll take care of it for you :astonished:

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