Motor sensor wires-How do I extend them?

My motors wires wont reach my speed controllers…

What is the recommended method to extend them?

I cannot move the esc any closer to the motor.

No, I wont just chop them off!

I am prepared to cut the wires an inch or two back from the connector and use similar gauge copper stranded wire to extend them, is there anything wrong with this method? (sensor interference/sensitivity etc)

Thank you e-skate builders!

I am pretty sure @torqueboards offers some motor extension cables on www.

I extended mine with an ethernet cable

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You could also make some bullet connector extenders (F -> M), with a short cable. Wouldn’t be too hard to do.

In addition to my sensor wires being short, they were also the wrong connector. Dexter sells an adapter harness that would extend it if you have the smaller connector type, I just cut the wires, bought these and soldered them on.

10 SETS JST PH 2.0MM 6 Pin Female Single Connector with Flat Wires 100MM 1007 26AWG

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You guys are dope, good to hear there wont be any issues extending those puppies… Ive read too many forums and e-board wives tales…:fearful:

The vescs arent in yet, so I’m not positive my connectors WONT work, but based on Bigboys link I should be able to narrow down what Im workin with once their here.

If they DO fit, ill snip my sensor wires 1-2" from the connector and solder some 26awg gauge wire in between the cut.

Ive got trampa motors, whatever connector they come with, hopefully its just solder, plug, program, play :grin:

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worked out great, was just careful not to change the pinout(it was correct for my VESC to begin with) Vesc V4.12

Found these.

Super long jst-xh 2.00MM extension wire and cheap to boot. similar to the ones big boy toys suggested.

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