Motor shifted on shaft

Hi all, One of my Raptor motors has shifted on its shaft and slips quite a bit while there is any resistance on the wheel. There is a big gap between the pulley and the motor mount and the shaft has regressed into the motor.

Here is a short video.

Do I just have to take the whole thing apart and try to re-seat everything? Any help is appreciated!

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There should be some set screws on the end opposite the pulley, holding the shaft in place. You should be able to access them without taking the motor apart. Once you locate the screws, take them out and push the shaft back in place, then put thread locker on the set screws and put them back in and tighten them down as tight as you can without stripping the treads or the head.


Thanks a lot for the response. That definitely seems to be the problem because there are no screws! I looked in with a flashlight and tried to turn something with an Allen wrench and nothing. I see them on the other motor, and can turn them, but nothing in the slipping one

However with that, I still can’t move the shaft at all.

The shaft will be a pressed fit. If you have a C-Clamp you could use that to push the shaft back in place.

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Thanks so much. I did that and everything is back to where it is supposed to be.

Thank you!