Motor shuttering when pushed by hand if it is powered on (But works OK when I pull the trigger at least a bit)

Hi. Sometimes when power is on, my motor doesn’t want to spin when I try to do it with my hand. I mean it does but quite hard and it is cogging. Same when I just want to push board with my feet or when I am riding at VERY low speed and with no load. If I pull the trigger, it is ok.

Then, if I ride, at low speeds it makes me slower if I do not pull the trigger at least a bit but even then it kind of silent squeak like a morse code which is weird.

Im running dual brushless, sensorless turingy motors 192 kv 10s 16ah battery 2x focbox Split ppm. Belt transmission 1:4,55 reduction.

I can ride at almost any speed with great results but sumetimes it happens and I am worried that this may cause some problems.

EDIT: after I rechecked all connections it is ok… I think I need to tighten my XT-90s

Sounds like you are running unsensored? Or running sensored but something is wrong with the sensors or sensor setup.

Low speed stutters tend to be because of this. I had one instance one sensor wire popped out. One motor started fine, the other stuttered and needed a “kick start” to get going.

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