Motor slipping, very LOW torque

So I’ve read a couple of post similar to mine with some pretty convincing solutions which i have tried on my board but with no use. My problem is that the motor jitters and shakes on low throttle and on full ( i can stop the motor from spinning with my hand). on full the motor can barely pull the board let alone if i stand on it. i left a couple of screenshots of my configuration. I’ve already tried to change start up boost in the advanced tab in motor configuration (changed the value from 0.01-0.1, i was told to not go over 0.1). any ideas?

My setup is: -10S4P 18650 battery -Turnigy SK3 6374 motor -Enertion VESC-X -Enertion Nano-X remote

Does disabling traction control resolve the low end side ? Did you do motor detection ? (sorry to ask.)

I’ve done a motor detection yes, and i have entered the values for the IL & BEMF coupling. if your referring to the traction control in the ADC tab in app configuration, it’s off initially.

Looks like the current is not getting there. Try these battery settings. its for 10s3p. see if it helps, you probably can tune it further for 4p.

Edit: im referring to the voltage limits. you can leave the current limits

The values where also initially close to yours then I changed it in hopes it would work, besides I think the cut off you suggested is too low.

Liions can go down to 2.5V, 2.8 is good enough imho

okay, so i did try that configuration and still got the same results

Always leave your minimum input at 8V and your maximum input Voltage at 57V.

Do a new motor detection. If it works, hit Apply and then Write Configuration. Reboot your Vesc and see if something changed. If your detection fails, you have to investigate further on your motor.

Loosen your motor mount screws a bit and see what happens. If that fixes your problem you just need shorter screws

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Thats a good advice! A few others had problem with little shorts due to that!

Haha yea, I was one of them :wink:

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i returned the values and did a detection test, but still no use. the detection was successful by the way

I just tried that, but still no use. But can one of you guys explain how that screws could be the issue? if your talking about the screws gripping on to the shaft or stator then its not, i can clearly see a big gap around both screws, everything is far away from them.

If the screws touch the windings in the motor, the motor will short. There would not be enough power going to the motor to make it spin fast. The screws would essentially be robbing the motor of voltage

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if thats the case, then I’m pretty sure I’m safe from that.

Hmmm, maybe look take a look inside your motor while your spinning it. If there’s a spark I guarantee that’s your problem. Watch all 4 of the mount screws to see if there is any sort of spark around them.

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unless the sparks are really tiny or invisible, i couldn’t spot anything

Hmm alright, the sparks are relatively large so that probably isn’t the reason. You said your motor detection worked right?

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Friend of mine got brand new motors and the set screws on the shaft to bell were stripped allowing the shaft to spin around the pressed on bell.

Have you checked your shaft to bell set screws?

Yup, pretty smooth too.