Motor spins the opposite direction randomly

On my recent dual motor build one of the two 6355 motors will every now and then spin the opposite direction on start. After a little throttle it then will then spin back the right direction (forward). Im running on a focbox unity. Does this sound like a phase wire issue?

Sounds like an issue I am having currently. Not likely your motors.

What brand/model VESC are you using?

This can happen if you are running an uncensored motor sometimes. If it has hall sensors make sure they are detected properly.

Yeah, try switching up your phase wires as well. Has worked for me to smooth things out in sensorless setups.

This happens to me as well. Not a big problem though. It gets the idea with a little more throttle, or if you start with a moving board.

This problem happened to me when i had the phase wires wrong and just changed it via the VESC tool. That way it turned still the wrong direction at first but jumps back to the now correct direction. So Motor phase wires are plugged in that the Motor spins backwards. Changed it via software so the Motor turns forwards. Problem was gone after i used a different phase wire combination.

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So they say switch phase motor wires around if Motors go the opposite direction. I’m just trying to figure out what the 3rd wire does? I hear some people buy these motors and have sound issues. Or like you said motor goes backwards. I’m just curious about the 3rd wire. So I think having 3 wires. They can be plugged in 9 different configurations?