Motor staggering and not braking after maintenance

Hi! I recently built an electric skateboard with maytech VESC and a motor from I had to reassemble the motor since the motor axle got loose. At the same time I was also working with the electronics and was stupid enough to leave the battery plugged in. I shorted it but didn’t think much more about it. Now when I ride, it works perfectly in the beginning but after a while it acts really weird. The motor is staggering and the brake is not engaging at all, which feels a bit scary. Is it possible that my VESC is broken? how do I test it? can it be the motor assembly? I am out of ideas

Thank you in advance!

Strange question. Was there a candy type smell when the electronics burned (from the motor), or does it currently smell sweet.

Nope, it doesn’t smell now and it didn’t smell anything when it happened

Hey there - hope you got your motor sorted. Quick question for you… I also have a problem with a loose shaft in my motor…

Did you follow a guide to rebuild your motor? If so can you share it?



I didn’t have a guide, I just kinda figured it out. On my motor there was a tiny screw clamping the outrunner part to the axle, there where also clips on the axle keeping it from falling out. I removed these and then pulled it apart