Motor Throttle Help

Hi guys,

I am currently doing my first build and I am experiencing the following problem: The motor throttle seems to burst randomly, especially at low throttle values. (video: )

My Setup:

I have doublechecked the values transmitted to and received by the arduino, but these do not show any irregularities. Does anyone have a clue what could be going wrong here? Much obliged.

Are you expirencing the same problem with a normal rc remote and receiver?

sadly I don’t own a normal set, so I can’t tell

I would buy the cheapest thing you can find or borrow a friends to test. If it works good with a normal rc remote than the arguing code is the problem.

yeah I figured that that would be a next step. I will try to hook up a potentiometer instead of the bluetooth communication tomorrow and see if the problem persists

The code is wrong.

Change the code with SoftwareServo.
SoftwareServo is inbuilt already, i think. If not download it here.

(hashtag)include “SoftwareServo.h” SoftwareServo ESC;

void setup(){ ESC.setMinimumPulse(800); //800 ESC.setMaximumPulse(2000); //2000 }

Here you change the values, you need to have the softwareservo refresh thing.

ESC.write(value); SoftwareServo::refresh();

thanks, I’ll give it a try

and the values are from 0-180 i believe

I’ve tried to make it work yesterday with the SoftwareServo library yesterday to no avail ( ESC wouldn’t set the min. throttle properly, probably should try with other values than 800) and after reading a little bit about the reliability problems of self-made bluetooth solutions I’ve decided to go forward with a conventional car remote. I guess the app + Arduino setup was more for testing purposes anyways, don’t think that riding around with a smartphone in hand would be a good idea :smile:

Thanks for the fast replies.

Hehe, but did you calibrate your ESC?

During calibration I could set the max throttle while transmitting 2000, but when setting the min throttle of 800 the esc wouldnt take it and just did nothing.

hange the values? from 2000 to 3800?