Motor too close to deck?

So finally most of my parts have arrived (there were loads of things I didn’t think about till I got the first batch and I was like…well sh*t).

I’m piecing things together but have found that my motor is waay too close to the deck and while it can rotate I can’t turn the trucks in lest I have the motor grinding out my deck.

I’ve fiddled a bit but its been a long 14 hour day at work and my brain isn’t working anymore.

Motor is SK3 6374 with an enertion motor mount on Caliber IIs.

Pulleys are 3D printed without bearings (don’t need to trim the hanger) and 97mm flywheels.

I could probably fit it behind the wheels but I thinkI’d like it if the motor was under the deck (considering everyone else can do it).

Help? Thanks!

Edit: should also mention that I’ve brought the carbon fiber plate back as far as I can to keep the motor as close to the truck as possible.

Easy fix, get a riser pad from Amazon for a few bucks or 3D print one not hard to make or find on thingiverse Good luck Edit- it doesn’t matter if it is closer or not all that is for is making sure the belt is tight also if you pull it out you can angle it up for more clearance

Already have a riser pad in, my worry is that even with a 1/4’ pad I won’t be able to turn the trucks in as much as the other side. I’d still be limited

You’re going to need a couple of risers each side, depending on their thickness. Try get the rubber type for extra cushioning. I have 3 thin risers each side.

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Yea I had to use a 1/2


And you can turn unimpeded? Or are younstill wary of your motor hitting your deck?

you can also use a wedge riser which will increase your clearance on the board side. It’ll increase your trucks angle too and be more “turny” - good at slow speeds but be careful at fast speeds.

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I had the same exact problem My solution was


Totally unimpeded. Clearance between the bottom of the mount and deck is ~14mm.

I had to use 3 pads. One that came with the trucks, a 1/2" riser and then I added a 3/16" shock pad. After realizing I could have pulled the motor plate in, I now see that I probably didnt have to have such a big riser. But bigger clearance, prettier your motor will be.

Thank you @Just_esk8in and @sl33py I’ll order some more risers tonight.

I have 4mm risers on already, if I order an 8mm riser (total 12 =~1/2 inch) would that be enough?

Gotta find me some 2 inch bolts now :frowning:

You can go to home Depot and find the 2"bolts there. I have a picture of what I got on my build thread.

Damn dude!

Maybe I’ll grab a bigger riser then. This is getting ridiculous :rolling_eyes:

Live in London, we have Wickes and ScrewFix but they usually sell em in bulk. I’ll find an independent place.

You probably don’t need that big of risers after I checked mine.

That’s with me leaning all the way.

Ah nice, so maybe I’ll get away with adding 8mm to what I have already?

I used to run hard risers 1/2" thinking it would make a difference for stability. But now I run double 1/4" soft risers to add some shock absorption and I don’t even notice any loss of stability.


Yeah I second the soft/shock pads. If possible I would even sandwich the hard risers in between two soft/shock pads.

You should be able to find the bolts you need on ebay quite easily.

Also, where abouts in London are you? I’m up in NW :smile:


I’ve found some but they sent me some M3s :disappointed_relieved:

I live in Tottenham, come over to Kensal Rise on occasions.