Motor too close to the ground

I almost finished my electric longboard but I encountered a problem , the motor sometimes hits the ground and I’m not sure what to do , I thinking about installing risers but it feel a bit high and i’m not sure if it’s okay for my longboard type (could be dangerous) So I thought about putting the motor at the back like the evolve gt and I assume I will have to buy longer motor mount (if exist ) and longer trucks and still i’m not sure if it’ll work

what possible not so expensive solution do you know? also I really like the idea of motor at the back , how do I do that?

my motor is : 63mm and wheels :90mm

risers… (10 chars)


How would risers alone help?

He needs to change the angle of his motor mount. The distance to the ground wont change with a riser alone.

i would assume that when adding risers you’d also change the angle.


Mount your truck the other way round, under the deck


How about mounting the truck under the drop and see if you get enough clearance. :japanese_ogre:

I just tried to mount the truck under the deck but it feels a bit high , I’m gonna try it soon

this thread is also on his build thread

If you have HK motor mount, than you will have to buy anged risers are you the deck as top mount :slight_smile:

If you have different type of mount (I cant really tell from the picture) with changeble angle, just move the motor closer to the deck :slight_smile: In case there is not enough space, use the deck as top mount :slight_smile:

That’s what the most eskates are. Usually with drop thru decks motors are mounted backwards or truck plates under the deck.

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

I went from riding a very low to the ground drop though with 70mm wheels to an Esk8 with top mount, 1/2" risers and 90mm wheels. It’s still plenty stable and I can carve like crazy with no bite. I can roll over speed bumps without scraping as well.


I use wedges on almost all of my builds to create a bit more room and I’ve gotten used to the improved handling as well

I mounted the trucks under the deck and the motor can’t’ get close to the deck because of the trucks…(got stuck in the trucks)

Also when I try to mount it backwards the mount doesn’t fit well…

Think you’ve shot yourself in the foot by grinding your trucks for the motor mount angle for drop through truck. You should mount the truck under as people have said and used a different angle on the motor mount to bring it closer to the deck.

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top mount with 1/8 risers