Motor twitching problem

Hey guys ive got a problem with my motor. When I turn it on, esc would bind with the transmitter but it wouldn’t respond to the transmitter( motor wouldn’t rotate). After switching on and off few times it would start working again. Motor responded but it would twitch (move back and forth vigorously ) sometimes and it would work normally sometimes. Im not sure what the problem is. Any help will be appreciated :wink:

Hmm, you check the connections, it could be loose connections. Disconnect then reconnect everything. Or maybe rebind your remote. What kind of esc are you using?

I’m using x car beast 120a esc. I’ll have a go with reconnecting.

It sounds to me like one of your motor wires is loose. You could also try to recalibrate the ESC with the transmitter.

It could also be a mounting screw being too long so it touches the the motor windings. Are you using a “standard” motor mount with standard screws?

I hope it helps. If not, you are welcome to tag me :slight_smile:

sorry but what do you mean by loose wires? I have recalibrated esc and screw doesn’t seem to be too long. Thanks for your reply

If the connection between the motor wires and esc wires are loose you can sometimes get motor twitching. If the connection seems solid, it might be because of cold soldering joints on the connecters and wires.

Yeh it’s probably cold soldering joints as I haven’t done a good job on soldering. I’ll have to order new gold connectors. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: