Motor Wattage 6355, 6374, 6380

I was looking at DIY electric skateboards and am very confused. Amps x Volts = Watts. DIY has a 6355, 6374, and 6380 motor. All three of them are 12s (44.4v) and 80amps. How can they be different wattages then: 2550, 3150, and 4100?

well … first you need to understand that what they write… is not what is on reality… they have limitations… but they don’t tell you… If I can suggest … go to 6374… you wont regret…

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Wattage has nothing to do with voltage specified on the motor, at duty 0.1 I can push over 80A to the motor and it will not even be 500W. ESC usually controls duty cycle which controls voltage a motor receives because voltage = speed so duty not directly related to speed so at low speeds you can exceed those maximum 80A without a problem as a voltage is variable and still be under rated wattage :slight_smile:


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if the kv is the same, generally the larger motor will stay cooler for the same number of amps.

likely they can all handle 80a for a short time but the larger motors will be able to handle more current continuously.


This is true for DC, but once you start dealing with pulsed square waves in a 3-phase inductor with flyback voltages, you get some pretty gnarly calculus happening pretty quickly.