Motor whining problem

Hi all,

I have a vesc and a 6374 motor with 12s lipo.

I am using @Ackmaniac 's modified BDLC tool in watt control mode.

Acceleration is smooth upto a certain speed when the motor gives off a loud whining noise.

It seems like above a certain rpm the motor makes the noise.

Any advice please?

Hey! Have you tried FOC?

I have a double Enertion R-Spec setup and at a certain velocity (most likely) uphill the motors start to whine a bit which I kinda like. Not sure what causes the sound … maybe there is something in resonance?

I haven’t tried FOC, would it help ?

The motor never used to whine it’s quite loud and doesn’t go away as I increase speed.

It starts at quite low speeds so it’s hard to ignore !

Ho many miles have you done / how old is it? My 6374 made horrible noises when the bearings started to fail.

When I took it apart a few rides later I found that the bearing at the output shaft end was totally gone! - no balls, nothing - just some shreds of metal. The outer bearing was fine. Th motor still ran fine, just whiney, and a little less power at high revs.

You can get bearing replacement kits.

I will take it apart and have a look mate. Thanks :+1: