Motor winding urethane coating? sk3 6374

I have a few sk3 6374 motors with the odd loose winding in between the stators. I am concerned they will rub, break and short so want to apply something that will keep them in place but also not inhibit normal functioning of the motor. I know you can get high heat epoxy but as the loose wires are in between the vertical parts of the stator so I don’t think I can get it in there without getting it all over the stator and potentially damaging them. I was hoping to spray a urethane coating over the whole stator. Is this possible or not advised? Has anyone done this? I was intending on using the spray in the picture which is meant for motor windings and the like.


wonder how the can stuff does. But I think it’s a great thing to do considering the environment

I like using brushes myself, that way you can control where it goes.


Cool what u use the different ones for? I have some 3m potting stuff I haven’t used but want to put a coat of something on the esc. Or actually pot the whole esc gluing it to the deck at least partially. W heatsink

I use acrylic (it’s water-thin) for things that are hard to reach and a single coat on heatsinks

I use polyurethane for loop keys and stuff fingers will be interacting with

I use silicone for almost everything else, which includes the circuit board (after I used acrylic on hard-to-reach places and heatsink edges) and also motor windings and sensors. It can trap heat though, so know that… If you really want to roast your motors, use acrylic because it’s thinner. But for grabbing those loose wires, acrylic won’t do


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I was thinking of putting masking tape on the top and bottom of the stator and then on each of the stator faces so as to just leave the wires exposed then give it a couple of coats. Does it matter if I get some on the stator faces that are facing the magnets?

I think as long as you keep it off the bearings, you will be fine

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