Motor wires won't stick to solder

Hi guys,

I made a bad mistake. I cut wires of my motor to shorten them. Because they were too long.

Now, these wires won’t hold solder onto the VESC wires. They are thick red wires.

I tried holding them against lighter flame to remove if they have any insulator cover. But no luck.

What should I do?

can you take a picture of the wires and the connection point? thanks :slight_smile:

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you will need to scrape the enamel off each strand of the wire. use a knife or sand paper. I have even had success dipping the ends in a very light solvent like acetone.

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Sounds like the enamel needs to be removed. There are some tutorials on this forum. What I remember is aspirin or solder iron heat to remove it. A lighter will not be enough.

:smiley: @lowGuido was faster. Yeah scraping it off should also work.

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Get your iron super hot with a blob of solder on the tip. Hold it for a few seconds and you should see the enamel melt. You need to clean it up and reapply sloder


Get some liquid flux and dip the tip of the wire. It should work.

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You need more heat over 500C should do the job.

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Thank you all! I tried the molten aspirin method mentioned in another post. It was quite messy, had to also scrape some wires with knife manually.

But it worked.


A solder iron that hot will ruin tips fast!

I know, he was just going to do a few wires so it should be fine. Buy some new tips :wink: