Motor Wont Turn At All

So I am working on my first build. I have all the mechanical stuff figured out but for some reason the motor won’t turn when I give it power.

I am using this motor and this reciever/esc

I dont know if it is because of the esc replacement or if the motor is no good. I know for a fact that the controller and the receiver are connected. But when i hit the throttle nothing happens. Im also using two 5s batteries in series to get 10s.

did you specify 10S when you bought the ESC?

yeah. The esc works. And it has a little sticker on it that says 10s.

I don’t know how that esc works but I know how the FOCBOX works. Have you proggrammed the ESC? Whats your electrical set up? is everything connected?

It should be pre programmed i believe. All the electronics are connected.

Follow these instructions, and be sure that you request the 10s one

I did that. The remote is paired with the esc substitute. The motor is making a feint clicking noise when i apply pressure to the throttle.

Humm, I don’t know, does it have a Mini Usb or Micro USB port?

It does not.

So I think it can’t be programmed, talk with the vendor, maybe he can help you, sorry but I don’t know this Esc

Did you ever figure this out? And if not did you check if your batteries were charged all the way