Motors break down - lacks torque, mysterious problem

Got a pair of cheap chineese 270 kv motors from About a year ago one of them lost torque and stopped spinnning properly. Now this has happened again to both my motors. Have they been overheated and lost functionality? they still wok but they are “weak”. Things ive tried:

  1. No problem with ESC, changed that out.
  2. New motor fixes the problem for a while

Any tips on how to avoid this? Im using 90 mm wheels and ride in steep hills. Is this caused because of bad motors or is it something else?

board: dual belt drive 270 kv motors. 10s5p battery. Esc. 90 mm wheels

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Did you try opening the motor? Those motors are not good quality, I would say replace them with some better ones

Too high kV, small wheels, steep hills.

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the problem is you’re running tiny 5055 sized motors with 90mm wheels on steep hill. Whats your gear ratio?

I had to cut a section out of the enc so the ESC could get enough cooling. I use mine on steep hills with 97mm and I’m not exactly small lol

If you want to keep your gear ratio for 270kv, i have 2 propdrive 5060 270kv motors for sale. They are both nearly new. They had enough power to accelerate faster than i was comfortable with. Top speed was over 30 on 8s battery.

Pm if you are interested

From what I gather, sometime a magnet can get loose in the motor and this will of course create some issues. As they are trash now anyway, you could try to open one up to inspect it.

Yes that is what I think I will need to do

13 teeth on small gear, don’t remember the large one

So your theory is ESC overheating? Because the ESC works fine I tried changing it out

They work alright actually but I can feel that I have lost about 20% tourque. Too poor right now to fix it