Motors for sale, 2 TB 6374 190kv $75 going to post office tommo want to ship these also [SOLD]

Like the title says 2 installed but never used maytech 6355s 170kv

$100 each, if you buy both, free shipping in the states

2 TB 6374 190kv again installed but never used, sensors were cut but have been repaired.

$100 each, same shipping deal. Also pick up around Oakland CA possible. Will also entertain offers.

Yeah but how much for the redhead

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Broooo she’s blonde! And not for sale lol.

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Damn nvm :expressionless:

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Skunk likes them without a soul

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And they got to be bad at math so they don’t know how broke I am

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Price drop 90 each, same shipping deal

85? Anyone?

Maytechs sold

Down to 80! Want to mail these tommo, send me your offers!

75 last bump, must ship tommo

Sold! Plz close