Motors Spin up when transmitter is disconnected

So I have almost everything figured out now with my build except if I turn off my remote while the motors are powered it ramps up to full throttle. How do I fix this and make it just go into free spin mode and if it disconnected for more than 10 seconds it slowly applies full brake.

More information? Which remote are you using?

Most likely you need to set the “failsafe” so the board goes to neutral with the remote off.

I am technically using a gt2b but have it in a thumb style case, I don’t know much more info I can give you, where can I find this “failsafe”, I have been reading and watching diyelectric tutorials to help me learn VESC tool.

Just google gt2b fail safe setup.

But from memory the steps are,

  1. turn on remote (leave throttle in neutral position)
  2. Turn on board, while holding the the button on the receiver for few seconds.
  3. turn everything off and on again. Always turn on remote first.

This should set the fail safe on the receiver to go to neutral when the remote is disconnected.

One issue with thumb remotes / gt2b is if your natural position in vesc tool is not 1500 then turning your board on first before the remote will result in the board going to throttle on after a minute if the remote remains off. So always turn on the remote first as this will set the fail safe on the receiver.

Ok I will try that tomorrow

GT2B Instructions.

In chinglish image


Wow thank you that was stupidly easy, I thought it was through the VESC tool.

Vesc can have its own fail safe settings too but it’s not needed if set on receiver.