Mototec 600W remote control Nano X problem to find my receiver!

Hi all, I’m new and I do not speak good English, so if something wrong or the way I write tell me as well! I have a big problem and I can not get out of it: I want to buy the NanoX remote controller, but i need some info for bind it find attached the pictures of my mototec 600W (skatey similar) my question is, how i can bind the receiver to my esk? i do not see the 3esc cable… i see only a 5 esc cable, can you tell me where i can find my receiver installed??? i do not undestand i can bind the Nano remote…please let me know… and sorry for the english i hope i am clear thank you in advance. simone

The reciever is probably part of the PCB… I guess you cant unless you would replace whole ESC

Or it might be the part on the side of the encloure :slight_smile:

It’s all in one solution so you will not be able to replace it.

P.S. Don’t create more topic with links to this one…

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OK THANK YOU ALL!:grinning:

Bro do u have a wiring diagram im trying to convert this to a lime scooter