MotoTec Off-road | Many upgrades planned | Recommendations welcomed

Hello All,

This is my first post to the forum. I’ve been intrigued by electric skateboards since I saw the onewheel and later found the bajaboard. Unable to afford either, and being an DIY guy I’m setting our to build my own. I found a mototec pre-built skateboard at urbanscooters for $600 and I thought this would be a good platform to start with. Eventually I will build everything from scratch, but I needed to have fun with it first to make sure I would like it. I loved riding a powered board! I’ve put on almost 30 miles in 5 days before I started building the new battery.

Modifications I want to make: -Replace lead acid batteries with Li-ion (should lose about 24 lbs). I built a 10s6P battery to replace 3 12v 14A batteries (please let me know if and how I messed up calculations on the replacement).(photo attached) -Replace 800W brushed motors with 3200W 6374 brushless motors (170kv-190kv as I prefer low end torque) so I can ride this in moab next to my buddies in jeeps. -New Programmable VESC. I love the thought of programming myself, so recommendations are welcome on which model I should get. -Replace heavy “snow blower” tires that came with it for something lighter and a bit softer so if you have a recommendation I’d welcome it. -Add front LED lights. -Add rear LED light with “brake-light” function to warn my fellow riders I am slowing down -Add speedometer, battery meter, battery health meter PNG