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Does the battery space cell pro enclosure come with a charger or do you have to buy it in separate?

Does a sk3 6364 mm motor fit in the mono drive kit?

Does a sk3 6364 mm motor fit in the mono drive kit?

I have a halo electric board. I want to know if it’s possible to add motors to the front wheels to make it 4wd. Also, is there after market all terrain wheels I can put on it? I want to be able to ride on rough terrain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Its possible to do, but probably not worth doing… You will need to precisely measure the KV of the hubs, and then do a lot of math. After that you will need to find some suitable motors with the right KV, gearing and right wheel size etc… Not worth it in my opinion.

You say you want to ride on rough terrain, then a e-mtb like a trampa would be ideal. But this is very expensive, so you will need a big budget.

DIY L bracket from tool shop, grinder and drill needed! price around £6.00 with bolts washers, locking nuts nuts etc.