Mountain board for sale

Well. I’m looking to sell a mountain board with 3 motors drive train and pretty much everything except batteries. I injured myself and feel like I’m not the right person to be rideing a board at 30 mph. I’m not really sure on how to go about doing this.

I have a PayPal account of which any purchases can be insured. Can talk to you on phone if you want. I live in arizona as for shipping purposes. I understand I’m going to take a huge hit money wise.

Just looking to see if there is any interest before I part it out on Ebay.

May be easier to part out…more effort but more likely to sell

Not so fast, I’m actually interested in an MTB, PMing about it

Edit: she’s gonna be mine in a couple weeks!


So its…sold?

I’ve agreed to buy it, he said he’s out of state until tomorrow so I’ll pay then when he’s figured out how much shipping will be. Fingers crossed it ships out within the week

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@ZachTetra you have the most bipolar purchasing/selling habits I swear it was a month ago when you had to sell everything because it was costing too much haha


:sweat_smile:…I wasn’t happy with the direction I was going and had too many parts I couldn’t use effectively. I also have a job now which make it a lot easier to justify. Also this isn’t the most expensive thing I bough, I won’t say what I’m paying but it’s a hell of a deal

But yes, I’m very bipolar about things I do. I get highly obsessive then extremely resentful…I hate it a lot


you dont have to tell me how much, just tell me what you bought :smiley:


The whole thing, a complete MBS mountain board with (I think Idea?) motor mounts, dual FOCBoxes, a TB Nano remote, Pelican battery box, and 3 TB 6355 motors. Just need a battery, will use a 12s4p 30Q

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It has atleast the typical idea crossbars. Maybe its a custom or older version of the Motor mount.

Interested in some parts of you end up parting it out.

im interested in motor 6355 :slight_smile:

so is it sold ?

No one knows. He hasn’t visited the forum since december, so i wouldn’t bet on the availability of this board.


I’ll buy it all