Mountain Board Trucks with 8" wheels

Hi There ,

Reacently i’ve upgraded my board with Mountain trucks and 8" wheels , for some reason i dont know why it is very difficult to take simple turns …

I’m pushing to the end of the board limit but the Angle not sharp enough to complete simple turn…

Any ideas ?!1539887341135842961229835099838215398874438116173779377219081355

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Most MTB trucks are at 30 degrees, longboard trucks are at 50 degrees. You need to wedge them closer to 50 degrees to get turning radius.

EDIT: most MTB trucsk are at 20 degrees. Not enough coffee too :slight_smile:.

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They look like theyre on backwards. More pictures please


To wedge them…?! :thinking:

Hwo can i achieve 50 degree ?:flushed:

Bruv. Everything you need is right here.

you will to wedge them 30 degrees or more. I think @Kug3lis is the only one making them right now, @okp has some as well if you wanna PM him.

Ok got it so the raiser that i resived in the mounting kit not “high” enough… So i’ll try to add other one to add some degrees…

I’ll update here if my simple solution will work … Thank you1385060981-908187908 :wink:

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update … i’ve increased the angle by using double riser pads … And now i can take “sharp” turns … :slight smile: thank you for the tip!

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