Mountain Board Won't Turn

So I bought 5 sets of mountain board trucks to test with my ~300w 6.5in hub wheel motors, 36v 10.2 ah set up. I noticed that they came without Dampas, and I was wondering how necessary that was for the mechanics. Since I’m buying parts, I’m not getting every nut and bolt thats supposed to come with a kit, however I would have thought that they would have came with.

I already ordered a couple sets of Trampa Dampas, however I’m running out of time before Paris to get this guy running and I can’t find this piece on Amazon.

Pics below

I tightened the springs a healthy amount and still barely got a response.

20190702_130746 20190702_130733 20190702_130837 20190702_130846 20190702_130852

Trampa trucks don’t come with dampas, a lot of folk run with springs only. Dampas make it harder to turn, but also take some rebound out if the springs. If you can’t turn now, you definitely won’t with dampas installed. Trampa trucks have an inner and outer position to mount the springs, makes a big difference to the amount of force required to initiate a turn, I can’t see on these trucks, but if there was an inner mounting position it would make it a lot easier to turn.

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You’ve mounted Channel trucks on a normal Skateboard deck. That is why your board won’t turn.

Channels require a deck with angled ends as they have a straight kingpin.


Oh wow, ok. Guess I’ll have to find a different deck. Thank you so much!

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Just be aware of the end angles on the decks you’re looking at. “MTB deck” is a good search term to use if you’re looking for something cheap on eBay.

Higher angle = more turning response. TRAMPA’s tend to run 35/35, LaCroix is 30/30, MBS are like 15-30 depending on the deck. Those type of channel are going to do best on a 30+ degree angle deck.

Tighter spring tension = firmer turning and more rebound.

Damps will reduce your turning radius and also make turning response much firmer, at the benefit of stabilizing your trucks from oscillation (wobbles). If I run them it’s for higher speed configurations and I generally only run them on the rear.


I ended up buying two 15° wedge risers. Its riding smooth now. 20190706_213320

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