Mountainboard dual drive 170kv

Hey guys I want to build my first mountainboard here are my questions:

  1. Are the below motors and controller suitable for a dual drive setup?

  2. What is the max speed that this setup could reach?

  3. The controller states a max speed of 35km/h, does that mean even if my setup is capable of more the controller will still limit the speed to 35km/h?

  4. I would like a setup that could reach 50km/h, good for offroad and that could climb more or less steep hills, kindly suggest budget-friendly alternatives in case the below motor(x2) and the controller are not suitable. Thanks

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Are you on a budget build? Because this looks like a cheap build type board. Mountain boards needs a lot more power due to larger wheels. That esc may not be able to support the power needed. I would look more into a better esc like makerx dv6 and motors from

I don’t always trust amazon ones due to how little they’re brought. If you’re going for a cheap build, i don’t know many. I just know quality and reliability.

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Thanks for your reply @LeonCamero. Yeah, I’m on a rather budget build. In your opinion, which of Flipsky’s motors would be good?

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6374 would be perfect. 8mm one, not the d shaft one. I regret getting that on the my board.