Mountainboard Electrique 40km range / 50km/h top speed - CANADA-MONTREAL PICKUP


I sell my DIY electric mountainboard. The base of the setup is a Trampa Holypron 35 board with Vertigo trucks and HYPA hubs. There are Trampa bindings and off-road tires. for the mechanical and electronic part:

  • 2 * motor mount in marine grade aluminum painted in black with extremely resistant nylon printed parts + rods to maintain rigidity in shocks and all terrain
  • 2 * 450mm HTD 5m Belts with spares
  • 2 * 190kv motors / 3500w
  • 2 sets of 10S LIPO type batteries in perfect condition, 8000mAh give 20km range per set and it takes 30 seconds to switch
  • a waterproof box with battery controllers that gives voltage / cell + percentage remaining
  • 2 * FOCBOX ESCs speed controllers in a custom enclosure with heat sinks custom + Bluetooth module + quick access to USB withtout having to open the enclosure!!!
  • an XT90s key to avoid sparks during connections

IMG_20180921_084938 IMG_20180921_084957 IMG_20180921_085016

this is video of my first version / this is version 5


If you decide to part out hit me up!! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are willing to sell a set of 10s batteries i would take them. Turnigy graphene i suppose?

Price? 10char

1390 USD picked up in my place //

That won’t last long at that price

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Right. I reviewed the price :wink:

that probably should have been a pm lol
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Sold? Interested

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