Mountainboard mud guards (For evolve type tires / hangers) - 3D print file

Hi, someone recently shared these 3d files on facebook:

I thought this was a cool thing to print… as everything is already there.

Havent tried it myself… thought to share, if anybody else finds this useful

Looks quite good, to be honest:


Kinda makes it look like a mars rower, who is going to ride their evolve in the mud with the world famous evolve battery sag. Just watched one of their videos, and they basically turned it into a feature :joy:, like a tool that you use to determine how much power you are using, jeff the ceo is really creative :laughing:. These may be useful in the rain tho…Nice find bro :fist:

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yeh maybe i should rename the title… water guards or splash guards :smiley: … though… i think this is the second most used name. right behind ‘fenders’ which maybe not all folks know…

i am willing to test those. they look smaller than the ones i use


Yeah, the battery sag is not nice… Fully charged full throttler 10min later 40% :smiley:

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Cool vid with printed guards installed, Source: Korean forum

no need to print anything if you can find plastic food grade bucket just cut them and add some bracket and you good to go and they are very flexible even in the winter !


I was going to wait until I take a test ride and do a build log, but what the hell- here’s mine, front fenders and lights, still working on the rear set.


@High-roller is that Trampa tyres/hangers? Interested to share the design? Might want to test it, especially if I can get access to the cad source :slight_smile:

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They are indeed! I’m still trying to iron out the design a bit, after that I’ll be happy to share the files. Look closely, you can see that the spacing around the hangar is a bit wide and needed some hard foam rubber to hold it in place. The fender itself is also quite close to the tire. Like, new-tire-threads-scrape-against-it-and-make-a-buzzing-noise close.



Let me know when you feel ready to share files. I had my first couple of rides on my Trampa board yesteday and today. Covered in dirt because of the minor puddles etc. :slight_smile:

Ooh, not fun. I’m actually not sure I made enough of an angle on the fenders to fully prevent it. I guess I’ll find out soon, but I sure hope they do. The main part took about nineteen hours to print…

@High-roller Looks good to me :slight_smile: I like the way you incorporated headlights onto each fender… the only thing I would worry about would be their angle, if we are talking about the lights… though u will probably see it in action soon enough to see, whenever the angle / light beam is good enough…

As about the fenders itself… nice work, glad to see more people adapting to the wet conditions and making their own fenders

The Angle of the lights is adjustable. Look carefully and you’ll se a bolt going thru

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Didnt see that. Good eye :slight_smile:

You got it! That actually came about because I couldn’t make a decent guestimate as to what angle they should be. Kind of like how car lights are pointed slightly down so as not to blind oncoming traffic. It would also have been a pain to print well, would have needed a lot of support material. @Okami no worries, thanks for the encouragement! :slight_smile:
Next step is to try and design something that’ll cover the rear wheels, belt, and maybe the motor.


i have made fender from plastic bucket and my bracket are bolted on my board and took me 1hours to build them the bracket are made from aluminium but your printed fender are to fancy for the weather i have and they will break in 5 minute

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True, mine are definitely more for show, maybe some shallow puddles and mud. Fortunately for me where I live is unlikely to ever see snow. We’ve actually had droughts for the past four years. Once I get a proper design going, I might see about using tougher materials. Maybe @psychotiller would want to give them a try…


but they look great with lights but again why they pointing the sky ?:slight_smile:

I haven’t adjusted the angle of the housing yet. Here’s a closer picture of the bolt:

I’ll be using a couple of ridged washers - not sure what they’re actually called- to hold it in place. That should prevent them from slipping due to vibration.