Mounting a VESC properly

Hey everyone, first time poster but long time listener.

So I’m designing a longboard with 3D printed housing components and am having some trouble thinking of where to mount the VESC. Obviously it’s gonna generate some heat during operation, thus mounting to the 3D printed housing would not work for melting reasons. My other idea was mounting it to the bottom of the deck with adhesive, and this posed me with 2 questions.

  1. Would the adhesive fail under the heat and dismount itself?
  2. Will the heat generated start to char the bottom of the (wood) deck?

What are some ideas I can implement to overcome this problem? I appreciate any advice and am glad to be here. Hopefully I can help other builders in the future!

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Using 3D printed parts and adhesives on a longboard is begging for problems.

A longboard is an ultra high vibration environment. The exact kind of environment that cracks boltholes in 3D printed parts and causes adhesives to fail.

Fiberglass and hook&loop (Velcro :registered:) are much better alternatives.

Fair enough. I appreciate the tip!

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