Mounting battery to neoprene

So, I have a layer of neoprene on the bottom of my board to dampen the vibrations on the battery. I bought double sides servo tape thinking it would do the job to hold the battery on. But it wouldn’t stick to the neoprene. Does anyone have a suggestion for mounting the battery to the neoprene on the bottom of the board?

I think people have advised against using neoprene because it’s flammable.

Hot glue works pretty well.

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My Velcro is my only “dampener”

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If Velcro works well as a dampener I might just take the neoprene off. It seems a lot harder to mount things to the neoprene.

Neoprene is hard to glue onto, you may be able to find special glues for it in well sorted hobby and handicaft shops but it’s always advices to also sew neoprene .

I would try to get away with velcro only tbh neoprene is cool but not as easy to work with.

@JonathanLau1983 Neoprene is actually one of the better foam bases dampening materials, it is flamable but will not catch fire easily it’s also kinda fire retardent. But it’s important to get actual neoprene(CR) and not other common rubber foams like EPDM which may look similar on online listings is cheaper but will decompose quickly >80°C (will melt away a bit sooner). Over all I would recomand a silicone or fiberglas(mineral wool) bases dampening material with direct cell contact.

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just use industrial velco they have it on amazon

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