Mounting dual 6374 motors on a 30'' short board?

Hey guys.

So I’ve decided to buy a 30inch short board deck bc I like the way they handle. I was wondering if it we’re possible to have a dual drive on the board with 6374 149kv motors. Will they fit? Bc they seem kinda large…

Thanks in advance

depends on the width of the hanger not the deck. Also the type of mount ect.

Overkill tbh. The trucks have to be too wide for most traditional kickers and a 30 cut away just looks meh. Better off with 6355 for the difference in torque. Just adjust the gearing to suit.


:arrow_up: You definitely want dual 6355


Yes it’s possible. However you’ll need a longer truck, something like TB 218mm or e-Caliber. If you want to use Caliber 2, then you’ll have to mount in diagonal to accommodate the 74 length of two 6374s. So, in most cases, the motor diameter is limited by your motor mount, and the length is limited by your truck axle length.

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Thanks for the input guys. What about a dual 6364 (190kv)?

What truck? Caliber 2 fits maximum 55 in length.

I’m not exactly sure what are the trucks available. Can any accommodate dual 6463?

This sounds nuts. Build it please and show us a video where it shoots out from under you. Because it will definitely do this. If you full throttle like I always do. To find out what I’m getting myself into.

I’m looking at doing exactly this with the 6355 duals. and 218 TB Trucks

You don’t really need the tb trucks for those 6355. Unless you want wider belts.

Do one motor in front and one behind

Does the board have a tail?

If you really want to do this –

with tail: one motor in front of front truck on right side one motor in front of rear truck on left side

without tail: one motor in front of rear truck on left side one motor in back of rear truck on right side

But as folks have suggested, Caliber2 with dual 6355 will be better. This is still a ridiculous amount of power.

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I’m tempted to try this setup intrigued to see how it would handle, especially breaking and cornering at speed

@kobra918 And as for bigger than 6355 on short boards it’s a waste you will never ‘enjoy’ full speed with dual 6374s, might even get you hurt - be careful with any monster you make :wink:

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So a dual 6355 would be torquier than a single 6374?

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What trucks could you use

Normal caliber trucks will fit dual 6355

Yes; very much so

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Alrighty then! I guess I’ll go with the dual 6355s then! I’m not sure which motors to buy. Unfortunately turnigy aerodrive has only 260kv 6355s motors and I find torque boards motors too expensive (I don’t want sensor motors). Any recommendations guys? (190kv or lower preferably).

Hes got 2 left at a good price

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