Mounting my motor problem

Hey i cant make my motor mount to stay in place … after a ride it will always get some free space to move arround pulling my motor on outside…

not sure if you can see what i mean from the 2 pics i attached.

I tried to add some termocontractor between the truck and the mount it didn.t work… i tightened the screw as has as i could… but after a few rides it will always get loose…

Any idea what could i do ??

File down a flat spot where you want the mount with a 90° lip so the bolt will be stopped by it

What mount is that? You can add some soda can pieces between truck and clamp.

Btw your kingping nut looks grazy thight.

i have a flat margin on truck is not this the problem . but from the motor force when accelerate and break the aluminium got some space and now is moving . i dont know how to add a screw to tighten directly to the truck.

is a custom one but i kinda messed up the truck shape and tried to stuck it there. hm soda can pieces… i will try that too i guess… the termo didn.t work :confused:

Ye i think is kinda tight the kingping i will release it a bit i was scared first rides of speed woble now i learned to controll it better anyway … i know is stupid but now i have more confidance haha

u can epoxy it. jb weld recommend

Why not use locktite red on the screws that hold the motor mount to the truck?