Mounting these on Meepo

How about mounting these on a meepo board? anyone who have done it?

I would recommend you to avoid Diyeboards, a lot of guys here have had problems with them, try to search for them on the search function and see all the bad reviews they have


If you want them, buy them from here:

Or Make sure to buy their esc like in these kits (or use a dual vesc) otherwise the hubmotors won’t work properly

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Take into consideration that they are heavy and wobbly.

I would recommend you to search a comparison on hub motors, and look at this topic Is Diy right for you? There you’ll see a lot of good info on trusted vendors, and as I saw when looking for my parts, it’s best to go with external motors, that way you don’t loose 1 motor and wheel, and you just replace the motor, and from the other side, you can use better trucks.

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did a nice article on them, it’s a nice thing to read and have a review http:///skullboard-motors-good-good-good-good-vibrations/

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They look good, :thinking: May be testing them on the gf board that I’m planning now

I bought the all terrain wheel kit from skull board and they will not respond to any of my emails.they also said it was on it’s way and gave me a dhl tracking number that doesnt work??? do you know how to get in touch with them or is it a scam???

Normally they are also active on this forum? Maybe you can try that