Mounting your Enclosure

I think it takes a lot of holes before you should be worried about structural integrity.

Will the holes line up width-wise? If so, just drill corresponding holes in the new enclosure. Bigben recently made me an enclosure with extra lip to fit pre-drilled holes.

And if you haven’t bought your tesseract yet, Ben has his sweet color matched enclosure+tesseract for sale.


Two hundred and thirty three times.


Lol alright guess a few more drilled holes won’t even matter in that case

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I do indeed like the set he’s selling but only thing putting me off about it is that its the trucated version and not the full one cause I wanted to practice dancing on it(only trick I’ll ever do on an eboard lol) I could post photos of the enclosures if that may help. I’d love to use @psychotiller’s enclosure but it’s going to be very tight

Just fill the old holes with the saw dust and epoxy. And you should be fine.


Or baking soda and super glue


What would the difference be between the two? @briman05, @Westy

Baking soda and super glue will be stronger. Doubt you’d notice the difference though, both are good options.

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Awesome. Thanks I’ll give that a go and I think I have that on hand now so I’ll be sure to pack it tight and keep it flush on the deck

It’ll also set almost instantly as opposed to waiting for epoxy to cure. Put a piece of tape on one side of the hole and then layer it in there.

Edit: You can always sand it down if you over fill

Sorry mind if I ask what the tape would do? I’m trying to imagine what you mean when putting it on one side of the whole lol

If the hole goes all the way thru the deck, use tape to close off one side so you can fill the hole.

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Oh gotcha. I have yet to get the deck but hopefully I can settle the sale and check if it was drilled all the way through. Good idea with the tape that should allow me to fill it all the way through if that were the case!

This video might come in handy if threaded inserts were used


Thanks! neat trick on how to get them in and out. I’ll check those out if the deck arrives :smile:

Also, normal wood screws were used on the board as well but I may just use threaded inserts when I start drilling in newer holes

Why would drilling all the way through be bad?

Because it doesnt look as clean and professional

That’s the easiest way to do it. Looks bad most of the time.

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What about regripping the board after you drill all the way through? That should hide the holes or does it still show like a detent under the grip?