Moving from ABEC11 107mm to Kegel 80mm wheels?

Hello esk8 builders, I’ve read many builders/post switching from smaller wheels to bigger wheels for riding comfort, but Is there anyone in this forum who have switched (upgraded) from bigger wheels to smaller wheels for any specific reason? I’d like to hear an opinion whether they liked their decision on switching to smaller wheels.

I am currently using ABEC11/Evolve’s 107mm superfly wheels but I am considering to switch it to Kegel 80mm wheels for weight & size reduction purpose. I really like how 107mm rolls so smoothly on a footpath but it sometimes seems too oversized for my need. My current DIY board weighs 9.2kg with long 41" deck and 107mm wheels (pic below) and I am considering to build another board that looks like a boosted board with 38" bamboo deck which will weigh around 7kg. Let’s say if you can only choose and ride ONE board for a daily commuter, which one would you prefer(Portability vs Riding comfort)? Would you actually feel the 2kg / 3inch difference when you need to take a public transport often? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I am very happy with my 107’s. If you pick smaller you will notice Less speed, way more torque (unless you swap your pulleys too) and Less comfort depending on the surface you ride. If you have nice quality roads you will not lose comfort. I have crappy pavement so I would never use anything below 97 and my Best experience is pneumatics.

90mm is a good balance between size, weight, speed, smoothness and handling.

Once you go bigger, you’ll never go back because roads are shitty everywhere


Sell me your 107s??

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What I can say though is that going from my eboard with 90mm wheels to my push board with 70mm wheels the difference wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. Going over small rocks, cracks in the sidewalk and manhole covers, there wasn’t a big noticeable difference. It seems to be more about urethane quality. (My 90mm are clones)

If you do decide to sell them I’ll take them off your hands if @PatRocks doesn’t

90mm Abec11’s are softer than 90mm clones.

I think that might be because the flywheels that we use have large cores in the middle. Where as normal push board wheels usually don’t so there is about the same or more urethane to absorb the vibrations

Portability. Despite having many “better” boards, I find myself frequently on top of the metroboard Short on my way to work.

I wouldn’t sell your 107s. They are so nice.

Don’t sell those 107s. Gift them to me for the secret Santa :santa:


@creat0r5 I’m a Kegel man. I went up to the ABEC11 107mm for my commuter (which i need to take on public transport) but they were just too heavy and raised the board up too high for my liking. Yes top speed and comfort is better with the bigger wheels, but the portability, weight reduction, and board height was for me more important (I am sure plentyyyyy of people would disagree, with good reason). My 107mm and 97mm Evolve wheels (terrible wheels) sit on my workbench, I run both my boards with Kegels. Almost 1000km (620ish Miles) on one set of kegels and I still love them.

As @Namasaki said I think the 90mm are the way to go. If you go with Kegels then you can always swap to: Ollin Boards @chaka (OLLIN POPOCA LONGBOARD WHEELS 90MM 78A) ( Or Enertions @onloop (90mm R-SPEC GHOST Wheels)

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Guys. You have it all wrong. Bigger is always better. Just think of all the things you can run over with 107s or pneumis. Rattlesnakes, raccoons, curbs, small children, deer, jaywalkers, Smart cars, old lady’s crossing the street, fire hydrants, dogs, large children, protesters, and many more minor obstacles. It just makes sense.


Yes! I started with 97mm clones. they worked fine to start because I rarely rode over 20mph.

I switched to purple 83a kegels because @Jinra had them with pulleys and all so I went for it.

Benifits: less weight. More road Feel. More Torque uphill Quicker response. Some nice Slideyness when breaking hard.

DownSide: Rough ride (orange might be better?) Some bumbs can be a problem. rr tracks. (but sticks and rocks are still no prob) cost more then clones?

since then my kegels started to chip after about a year of everyday riding so I switched to Popoca! 90s are the nice middle ground. good clearance. not too heavy. very smooth and soft.

of course I’ve never riden real flywheels so theres still that comparison to make.


did you find the popocas softer than the orange kegels…love the popoca wheels

i was on purple kegels. so yea much softer than those…

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ah man colour over duromter

I’ve got snake, squirrel and rabbit so far.

its the same thing… i want to try these next!

@saul do you think the core hole pattern is the same?