Moving sale! New and used spare parts

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open it , and zoom in

@theviith Went above and beyond IMO.

LOL mate @SeanT He answered all your questions and explained different options. I feel like based on your responses, anything less than him coming and personally setting everything up, you would have complained.

This is DIY, perhaps you’d be happy with a pre-built board.

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Thanks, got it.

I have to agree with @Eboostin , @theviith made himself very clear and can’t be expected to offer a full refund for a buyers mistake.


he can explain a book of how to machine pulleys, bottom line the teeth on pulley is crap so it is piece of junk! Im not machining a new pulley here. Anyways, i do not expect any refund in this place anyway, i believe it’s enough for me.


Hay sean t I can help you make that pully like new. Just ask if you would like.