Moving sale! New and used spare parts

I have here some new and used spare parts for sale. I will be moving to a new place in a month so I’m hoping to lessen the burden of packing. Each item listed has its corresponding photo on the bottom. If interested in any of the items, please PM me instead of posting below.

Brand new Caliber II 50 degrees trucks—$35 per pair shipped, $20 each shipped–ONE (single truck, NOT the pair) LEFT!!

Lightly used set of four 5 inch Pneumatic wheels + set of four spare tires and tubes + 3x extra tires—$95 shipped all together–SOLD!!! Brand new Winning Mini 2.4 Ghz Remote Controller + receiver—$25 shipped SOLD!! Brand new (3x) ATC In-Line Fuse 16AWG + box of spare Fuses (note that two of 30A Fuse chip is missing)—$12 shipped all together Brand new (8x) BASEN 26650 4500mAh 40A cont. discharge, 60A max discharge Li-ion batteries—$60 shipped SOLD!! Brand new 10-pack Li-ion battery holder for 18650 + used drive gear (2x) 9mm width 50T for skike wheels + used drive gear (1x) 15mm width 48T—$9 shipped all together–15mm width 48T drive gear SOLD!!!

If you have any item that would like to be purchased individually, please feel free to shoot me a PM and we can work out the pricing. Thanks,

Winning Remote and Basen cells SOLD!

Where are you located? US/EU?

US 10 characters

Are two Trucks available? And do you ship to Germany?

1 single Caliber II 10’’/50 truck left!!

5 inch pneumatic wheels + spares and 15mm width 48T drive gear SOLD!!

i’m interested in the fuses. Belgian here though

would you be willing to pay for shipping? If so, PM me. Thanks,

mate, check your PMed you regarding the pneumatic wheels i received.

mate, Very disspointed with no returns and even if i pay for all the shipping cost. I promised never to purchase anything from you agian.

1st of all: do not pin this on me… I have explicitly stated the item’s condition and that ADDITIONAL work is to be done for the pulleys to work. 2nd of all: I’ve made myself very clear that only the bore was drilled for the 15mm 48T pulley so more work is need to fit your particular wheel. 3rd of all: you even admitted that you misread the messages I sent you about the additional work required. I’ve even provided you with options and valuable information on the best gearing ratio and gears for a dual setup but you insisted on the 15mm for some odd reason and now you accuse me for that mistake?

So given all these facts, I don’t understand why am I blamed for something that felt more like a buyer’s remorse…

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thanks mate for reminder what buyers mistake from someone who could not sell it and i was stupid to jump in. Also, your items are really old compare to the pictures.

And about the pulley, it’s a piece of old crap. Additional work is a new one. it’s rough all around the teeth and worn out. It’s good as garbage and not worked on at all.

Good reminders to not buy used items from someone like yourself again. Cheers good seller.

This thread has obviously turned into a rant at this point since the seller isn’t going to offer a refund. I feel for you but I think you should post pictures of the the items you received ad all we see is the original photos which as you mentioned may be old pictures prior to it being used.

@SeanT upload pics of the items you received. If they are different from what was posted, you have a valid argument. If they match the pictures posted you can’t really complain. I have read several posts on here where people get trigger happy and purchase parts that will not work for what they hope and then get upset. Attempting to make a scene after only being a part of this community for a month is a good way to be known as someone not to deal with. I hate the parts aren’t working out for you but feel free to post them for sale. Someone here will be willing to make the due changes so they will work for their build.


valid argument or not. what’s been purchased cannot be returned. there is no judge or jurors here. All i know is the pulley is piece of crap and close up at the wheels are old and probably wobbly. Anyhow, i learned my lesson and not to purchase anything used here again. very disappointed, but i guess this is how it works on internet.

I was asking for photos to gauge whether the seller posted a misleading product photo. I have purchased several used items from members here as well as sold a few and have never had a problem. I hate your experience was a negative one.

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For your interest. Anyways, soon as i get my last thing I ordered already from someone here then I’ll close my account.100 bucks lesson is enough here.

Like I said, both the wheels and the gear pulley are used and only the bore has been drilled, which means additional work is required to be done/drilled on the pulley to fit the wheel. I’m sorry you didn’t get what you were expecting but I’ve explicitly described everything I am selling so I don’t believe I should be at fault here.

I mean you PM me about the pneumatic wheels and the 15mm steel pulley for more information. I replied to you saying that more work is needed to be done to the pulley for it to fit whatever wheels you’ll be using. I also provided you with information on which gears you should look into if you want a dual setup and I advised you against the steel 15mm pulley if you wanted the dual setup but you still insisted on purchasing it so it was safe to say that you had plans to do the additional work required to have it fit. So I respected your wishes and sold them to you. So if what I did wasn’t enough, then I really don’t know what it means to be a seller loll