Mp-1 Green Carbonglass enclosure

I miss a bit the Green stuff on the Skateboards. :sunglasses:So im selling a limited series of my carbon DIY enclosure. Material is Carbon Fiber with Glass isolation inside.

It’s made for 40 pcs. of 18650 cells with room for Electronics.

Design is flat (universal) so the borders must be sealed with rubber or urethane profile.

Price is 99€ and shipping 15-40€ depending where you live.

This one is the Prototype and has some Composite sight Flaws, but the production ones should be fine.

Delivery time is about 7-8 weeks.





Nice job man , what are the dimensions?

Dimensions outside : length 58cm / 22.8 inch Width: 22cm / 8.7 inch Height: 3cm / 1.18 inch