MR30 connectors on a hub motor (Pics included)

I am planning to build 4 electric skateboards for me and my friends. I live in China and there is a hub motor factory nearby. I bought a couple of hub motors from them and they came with these MR30 connectors:

Since my VESCs came with larger gauge cables, I couldnt find any solution regarding how to solder them to these tiny pins. Any advice is welcome.

I can return the motors back to the factory so there is a plan B in that sense. Has anyone worked with this kind of connectors before?


Can’t you remove wire on the diameter so it would fit?

Would that be safe to do? I mean using a thinner gauge wire? Otherwise I am definitely gonna change the connectors on the hub motors into bullet-type ones.

Personally I would go with bullet connectors. But yes. You can remove a bit of wire without any issue.

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You posted about this yesterday on an other post. Just buy new cables, solder them on or buy fitting connectors?

Bullets are way better. What will you do if you need to change the wiring order? Desolder all of them? Phase wires are meant to be alone so you can change combination of colors. That kind of connectors are meant to be used with a X brand with X motor and X battery.

most small hubs are low current. so just replace them with some 4mm bullets and its fine…