mt60 connector, how do you feel about them?

i really hate bullets and this would really clean up my build, has anyone used these yet? are they good?®-3-pole-Bullet-Connectors-Motor/dp/B00QSVB3HY


If you switch all 3 motor cables, will the motor change direction?

Just need to switch a and c

this is a great find. purchased.

So I’m guessing in the only one that knew of mt60’s before

I didnt know about them. im now looking to see if there is a 5mm option for high voltage set ups.

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Yes you’ve been hiding this, i’m not a fan of bullets. This is clean.

Not sure if this will fit through the raptor slots

huh, robotshop has them

no 5mm option that i see but a 3.5mm one should do. 10awg is 2.5mm

Sick! Thanks for the find and the info. Got 10 on the way for all my boards. I hate bullet connectors.

Thanks for posting! Should make my new hub motor install much cleaner!

in my experience it doesn’t matter which two you switch. That’s what’s so spooky about it. I can’t tell a, b, and c apart at the base of my trucks after i do my inlays and the ESC is in the box. When i put my box on and the wheel is going the wrong direction, i flip any two of them and it works. But maybe in some way it works out the same way because there’s only 3.

also these connectors make me feel funny inside. Or maybe it was all the soda i drank today.


funny how, butterflys? i get those when i see a pretty pcb

Looks like an extra chunk of plastic that could rattle to me. I’d rather do bullets and then hardwire when I’m sure of what I want.

Don’t like 'em. I like my connections in a neat little row.

I solder my bullet connectors then Velcro them

I like the idea, but it makes swapping two wires impossible without a soldering iron. ALSO These plugs don’t allow you to rotate the connection position and (correct me if i am wrong) means that won’t change the motor spin direction either.

So they are not suitable for motors.

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well i wouldnt go that far, if you’re still messing around with your build set up maybe not but if your done and want to make things a little cleaner i would say they’re perfect.


I don’t mind soldering anything to switch wires my iron is on basically on all day anyway when I’m working on stuff.

If you don’t want to solder to switch stuff (i don’t see why not)

you could program a reversal easily with your esc Or just chop the little line off in the connector and it’ll rotate in whatever orientation you want

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but does that change the motor direction?

Oh yea good question. When they come in I’ll do it and let you know. I’m sure someone smarter than me on here knows the answer.