Muirskate is Closing, They Also Have A Sale With Discount

First Silverfish now Muirskate what’s next.

Looks like I was the lucky one who got the last set of 107’s Really sucks that they’re gonna be gone, always was my first choice for parts.

20 mins ago 107s where still available … dammit

Damn I went to receive the delivery and the 107mm went out of stock!

Got my 107’s from them the other day.

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Didn’t need another board, but I just couldn’t resist this deal.

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enertion and this forum…


they have accomplished so much in the longboarding scene that I would just say… thank you.


can someone send me a footstop? they charge about 30$ for shipping to EU/Ger and this little footstop just needs a small letter…

Send them an e-mail, their calculator is not always correct!

i already did.

they said the cant ship it per letter

E-mail him again and let him know that there is a tracked letter that’s something like $7.15 to Europe (that’s with tracking) so there shouldn’t be a problem.

If that doesn’t work for him, I’m going to order stuff from them and could buy the footstop for you. But shipping from me to you might be like $17-$20 cause I’m in Switzerland.

shipping from switzerland to germany is so expensive?

a big letter from me to usa costs with dhl around 5€.

this would be extremly expensive in my eyes

I might have exaggerated, just a little bit :sweat_smile: Swiss post is expensive as fuck for no reason, I’ll check what it is exactly a little later.

Do you have a freight account with DHL?

Sadly I only use it for private things.

Do you speak German?

Link me to the foot stop through PM cause we went of topic here! And no, I’m in the French part.

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Europe, should we help Muirskate clear some of their stock?

I want to order things from them to Switzerland, I’m sure we could fit a whole lot more into the box. EU guys, do you need anything? Only items under 1kg, so shipping stays at CHF 23 around EU.

  • Yes, make a group buy
  • No, shipping’s too high

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im in


I wonder what would be needed to keep Muirskate open


close Amazon and Wal*Mart