Muirskate is Closing, They Also Have A Sale With Discount

Just found out through Muirskate’s Instagram page they are closing. April 25th is their last business day. Enjoy this store while you can. Another great business gone. :cry:


Damn. That’s a bummer.

that’s a damn shame.

their website is the best by far, just for that alone it’d be worth keeping around.

but in the age of instant gratification (amazon), it’d be hard to complete as a retailer, especially in a niche market.


but gonna stock on some goodies.

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Awww man that’s a shame, I’ve been a customer for a long time!


too sad the shipping cost even for small items to EU are so expensive…

GOD. [email protected]$#ING. DAMMIT.

This is unacceptable. >:[


What the hell… this is actually sad

Where the hell am I supposed to get my stuff now

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That is the exact question am asking myself … Fuck … Where to get abec wheels now…

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awww man! no way… that’s insane! now where am I going to shop now!


Buy all their stock for TB to sell :smile:


get in on this while you can


I was gonna not post those because I know the longboard community and other skaters could want these.


thoughtful of you but…make hay while the sun shines…

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I just got 300 bucks of gear for 215. x2 decks and all kinds of goodies. I feel bad, like I’m taking advantage but I’ve been buying from these guys for years. They will definitely be missed.


DAMN holy shit…great place to get stuff, sad to hear…

Was on their site this past weekend and noticed how many out of stock items listed…thought something might be up. This really blows though. My favorite place to buy boards. RIP MuirSkate

115 for 107s… Wutttttt


they have a Rayne Fortune v3…



awesome deck, be tough to put a enclosure on though with the Rayne fat bottom tech.

one of these would be easy though…

only $119

Can’t express how sad I feel by reading this. We must support these shops and least on their final sales!

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Just ordered a set of 107s. Boo yah, I was on the fence about these or 97s for my Carvon speed drive XLs… this made the decision much easier. I already have some 97s anyhow.

I would rather them be staying open though :cry:.

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