Multiple Parts for sale, Bargain Parts, NEW & LIGHTLY USED!

Hey guys i got some parts here, got a bunch of parts, barely used and brand new in the box they shipped in. list parts/condition below

Prices are in AUD

Location is Australia/Melbourne

1x 10S5P 36V 10AH 360WH 50cells, with BMS built-in the pack (Also contains cahrger Port)- used for about 2 hrs $230 + charger $250 1x 2amp charger 42v charger $25 1x Longboard Griptape - NEW $10 6x 250-5M HTD5 12mm Width Belt - NEW $4 ea 1x ESC for WowGo 2s + Remote + All-metal ESC Case for WowGo 2- NEW $120 1x All-metal Battery Case NEW - $20 1x Cable Connecting Battery and ESC NEW - $5 1x (Pair) Front Wheels 90mm with 4 Zealous Bearings - NEW $35 1x (pair) Replaceable PU Motors + 2 Spare PU Hub Motor from WOWGO - NEW $200 1x Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit - about 2 hours used on these - $190

IMG_20180815_185131! IMG_20180815_184924|666x499IMG_20180815_185029IMG_20180815_185222IMG_20180815_185012IMG_20180815_185153IMG_20180815_185236IMG_20180815_185241IMG_20180815_185208IMG_20180815_185300IMG_20180815_185435IMG_20180815_185426IMG_20180815_185503IMG_20180815_185536IMG_20180815_185602IMG_20180815_185413IMG_20180815_185619IMG_20180815_185530IMG_20180815_185613

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