Murdered Esk8 Build F/S OBO 218mm $375

So after riding the new Raptor 2 I have found it would probably be best for me to go with a hub drive! That and I don’t know to much about esk8 (had a buddy helping me out) so here is my old board for sale, it’s really geared towards Flats than hills but he said to swap a pull and it would be fine!

Specs! 6355 200k Maytech? 22T Pulley 36T drive pulley 83mm wheels 2x 15mm Drive pulleys (was going from Duel drive) 350mm 15mm belt 2x Vesc unknown brand but from reading around Maytech? ABS enclosurer, was bought here though! 2.4Ghz remote Torque Board 218mm trucks Torque boards Rear Mount & Clamp Quest board from Walmart :wink: (may not want to part with it haha)
42v 3.5ah Charger 10s BMS for 18650.

I’ll try to answer any questions but I did just copy and paste the parts list from what my buddy told me! All items would be shipped via USPS beacuse it’s the easiest for me, most people take paypal here so I’d prefer that be the payment! First person to offer me a decent offer gets it!

Thank you guys! And looking forward to learning more about DIY and maybe pick it up when I get my Raptor 2!


How much would u sell 218 truck? and mount?

If I decided to part out I’d like to keep the whole mechanical set (Wheels belts etc.) Together, I’d guess I’d want around $160 Shipped for it? PM me and we could work something out.

Can I see pictures of the 10s Charger? I might be interested in that…

Might be interested in the full build!

Interested in motor and pulley.

@anorak234 I’d like to try to sell as a whole before parting. Otherwise it’s a laptop type of connector, if I find the bag from RadioShack I’ll let you know what type.

What battery does it have?

How much for the maytech motor?

did you say a 22 tooth motor pulley? holy god. Do you have to push it started?

parts still available?