Mutant esk8 Super Boards- lifestyle of the apocalyptic future?

This topic gathers ideas of how mutant esk8 boards and life-style can evolve. Start with the super-board capability that has emerged, and throw every idea in.

Especially note Truck Extensions restore classic style to dropped longboards, like a slithering muscle-car, with expanded usefulness.


As an owner of a muscle car,. Going to have to ask you to remove said statement. The only thing slithery about a muscle car is the driver. Sometimes.

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Logic indicates otherwise.

All King Cobras slither, therefore, the 1970 Ford King Cobra slithered. A 1970 Sphincter is no muscle car.


Nice setup. Could use some peltier modules on the dorsal side.

Great, the cooler feature can be a solid-state Peltier Effect freezer, given enough power.

All that body armor is hot, and works up a thirst.

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We can line the body armor with seebeck modules for warm weather.

Latest Concept Development: Climate Adaptation

Notice air-scoops to help cool electronics and motors. Summer pavement in Texas often exceeds 60C, so bottom-mounted electronics will run even hotter. Motors need cooling fins too. Peltier-Seebeck cold-vest under the armor and cooling in the helmet would be the human-factor edge.



Awesome topic. Have thoughts will share more soon.

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Ford didn’t have a king cobra. Ford had a mustang. Carroll shelby had cobra. Which was on gt500 for ike 2years or less in the 60’s. Skip to 03/04 they branded some mustangs as cobras. Real fucking smart to put your horses in with a snake.

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