My $170 esk8 build

IMG_20190501_151139 Hi, just wanted to share my first build. I wanted to build something as cheap as possible to see if an esk8 was for me. Turns out it is and I’m already planning on building something better, but heres the details on this one.

I basically just bought an ebay 550 watt (yeah right!) 90mm wheel hub kit for $105 and an ESC/remote controller for $65, and thats it. I made a deck from a couple old snowboards. Just one was too flexy for my 200lb weight so I used a second snowboard to double it up which made it just about right, albeit somewhat heavy. Good enough for now. For batteries, I’m just using a couple of Ryobi 18v 4AH Li-ion cordless drill batteries in series for 36v, strapped ontop of the deck. Ghetto, but works well enough.

The coolest part of this build IMO is the diamond grip Hydro Turf I used for the deck. i had it left over from a stand up jetski i refinished years ago and figured what the hell, thinking it would add a little extra cushion to the ride. Turns out it feels very nice underfoot and provides plenty grip for my casual cruising and I love the look. Has anyone else put this on a deck before? It seems pretty durable. Overall, I’m really liking the board as an introduction to this, and looking forward to better builds in the future.


Man I was right there with you about a year and a half ago.

Let me present…

The Esk00t


It’s not about what you ride, it’s that you’re riding! Solid hack together man :+1:


Not stupid if it works :yum:

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Hah! Fricking legend :grinning:


This build gets my respect. Ride on brother!


Love seeing this as a reminder that it doesn’t need to be fancy to be functional. Good stuff

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Sweet! Now I feel like a chump ordering parts online for my first build…